8 Wardrobe classics to keep forever…

1. The White Shirt. Forever has the ability to look dressed up (with a suit) and the craziest pair of heels or super casual with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. A white button down shirt is a necessity in anyone’s wardrobe. 

Splurge. From Rika

Steal. H&M men’s department

2. The Cashmere Sweater. It’s soft, do I really need to say more? for those comfy days, or worn super clean with a trouser, simple denim and even those leather moto’s you have. 

Splurge. From Whistles 

Steal. Zara

3. The Fitted Jeans. Oh jeans, what would I do without you? This is probably the one thing I have most of in my wardrobe, though all we really need is the perfect pair of fitted denim and a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Splurge. From Acne Studios

Steal. Topshop the Baxter fit (Emmanuelle Alt wears these too!).

4. The Skirt. In whatever shape fits your figure and/or style best. In my case that’s an A-line skirt that ends right below my knees, preferably in leather.

Splurge. From Whistles, or Chloe skirt from Rika

Steal. COS they do good skirts. They come in all sorts of styles and lengths and (mostly) in high quality fabrics. 

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The 5 piece wardrobe rule per season: I already tried it once and failed quite badly, but I am going to have another shot at only buying five pieces per season once again. (image: afterdrk)

The rules are simple:
- Only five new pieces per season are allowed
- Basics don’t count
- Accessories do not either

- Designer bags and shoes do 

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Sorry I’m a little late on this, but it was only just brought to my attention by a viewer. Thank you Diana for the amazing mention, I truly appreciate it!

Check out the rest of the article here:The 8 Best Fashion Tumblrs

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DON’T: There aren’t many don’ts when it comes to jewelry layering! It’s all a do!Don’t be shy! Piiilleee it on until you can’t bend your finger and can’t lift up your head! You can wear as much jewelry as you want! Mr. T never cared if people looked at him funny.

DO’s: Mix metals. Whoever said that silver and gold and rose gold and brass and copper and whatever else metal didn’t go together is a crazy person!Try to keep the lengths of you necklaces different. Layering a bunch of necklaces that are the same length will turn into a tangled nightmare that will have you up all night! (image: nastygal)

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How to wear all white this s/s:

This spring, all white outfits are being envisioned as statements of flawless style and impeccable taste. 

1. The feminine side of white: Needless to point out that lace complements the all white attitude for s/s like no other fabric. Think in terms of clean lines, ultra-feminine silhouettes and delicate lace for a full-on ladylike statement. 


2. All-white androgyny statements: Subtle feminine quality think of the all-white tailored outfits as a perfect mix of both influences. Seek for minimal-chic silhouettes, topped with daring cut-outs or bold appliques.


3. Tough whites: Build your outfits upon slightly over-sized pants, boxy silhouettes and high heels. Seek for bomber and leather jackets and layer them on top of sheer or transparent blouses for maximum contrast.


4. Full-on transparency: Embrace the transparent side of fashion by rocking all-white see-through ensembles this season. Showcase just the amount of skin you are comfortable with and balance or complement your look accordingly. 


5. Complementary white with the trends: 

White can also be enhanced with the help of other complementary colors and fashion trends. In terms of mixing shades, regardless of your personal choice, make sure the other pick of color is used rather as an accent, with the solemnly purpose of amplifying the white manifesto. This season choose black for a classic combination, delicate pastels for a subtle highlight or vivid orange for a fashionable contradiction.

When talking trends, aside from the already mentioned ones, perfect your white looks with the smart use of clear plastic accessories, metallic elements or choose exquisite embellishments to draw more attention to your monochrome outfits (image: fashionising)

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Spring 2013 fashion trends:

1. The new metallicsMetallics don’t necessarily have to be limited to space-age silver or grecian gold. This year metallic’s span everything from futurist to glam brocade, precious metals to pastels. See: metallic clothing.

2. Sheer clothing: It’s the trend that dared to bare and won. See-through clothing has worked its way into being a year-round, accepted part of fashion, but it’s with each new season that a new evolution takes place. See: sheer clothing.

3. The new boho: There’s always a certain romance that comes with the bohemian, the carefree traveller, the hippie. For spring / summer 2013 it’s present in a form both luxurious and soft, an evolution of the boho trends of yore. See: modern bohemian fashion.

4. Clear plastic: Rain-proof, wind-proof, and boredom-proof, there’s nothing like a futuristic pop of transparent plastic to liven up an outfit. Look for clear PVC, rubber, perspex or any other material that defies the odds of spring fashion: you’ll be on the right track. See: clear plastic clothing.

5. ’60s fashionHoning in on a particular mood of the 1960s era, spring focuses on mod prints, vibrant colors, short hems, and bouffant hair. Always one to have fun with, See: 1960s fashion revival.

6. Black and white patternsIt’s closely intertwined with the trend towards 1960’s mod fashion, and with designers like Marc Jacobs behind it you can expect graphic black and white checks and stripes to be in every shop window for spring / summer. See: black and white patterned clothing.

7. Androgynous fashion: It started out with the pleasant confusion of boys who looked like girls and girls who looked like boys, but androgyny in fashion has mellowed to be more about subtle gender blurring in what we wear. Spring offers up new ideas. See: androgyny in fashion.

8. Pinafore dresses: Whether they’re embracing their sweet and innocent connotations in retro prints, or turning away from them in tough leather accents, pinafore dresses offer up plenty of options for spring. See: pinafores and apron dresses.

9. Cut-away clothingCut-outs in clothing make for windows to your best assets. Whether they’re bold or subtle, daring or refined, cutaway pieces are still going strongn for spring. See: cutaway clothing.

10. Floral appliques: Adding a 3-dimensional garden to your outfit is the surest way to make it feel like spring. The couture runways did it best in luxurious appliques and intricate beading, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work some floral appliques and embroidery into your own outfits come spring.

11. Sporty chic: No longer confining itself to particular sports or the athletic track and field, sporty fashion has become a broader mood of slickness and modern minimalism. Luxurious and yet easy to wear, See: sportswear as fashion.

12. Crop tops: Donning a cropped top doesn’t necessarily require the most toned abs in the world (though it certainly helps): in spring / summer 2013 the trend continues to be about exposing as much as you like, be it just a peep of upper midriff or a whole lot of abs. See: crop tops.

13. Brushstroke prints: Fashion and art collide this spring in a more literal way than usual, with brushstrokes and paint splashes working their way across garments in more ways than one. See: brushstroke prints.

14. Orange colour trend: Vibrant, bold, and optimistic: fresh and citrusy orange hues are one way to lift your spirits and your outfit this spring. Taking inspiration from the runways, See: how to wear orange clothing for spring 2013.

15. The white shirt: It’s a wardrobe staple no woman should be without: the classic white shirt. But fashion is all for giving classics new twists, and the spring / summer 2013 season offers up plenty of inspiration for reinventing this one. See: classic white shirt.

16. Pants as eveningwear: Alongside the sweeping gowns and embellished frocks on the couture runways were pairs of trousers that were delicate, glamorous, and smart enough to be worn to an evening affair. Some were merged with long gowns as a kind of dress-pants hybrid. Another couture trend you can work into your own spring looks, See: dressy pants as evening wear

17. Bird prints: Collectively, spring’s designers found some vague fascination with the creatures of the sky. Bird prints and motifts found their way onto a number of runways, bringing with them a romance of feathers and flight. See: bird motifs.

18. Camo prints for women: Camouflage prints have by no means been limited to the menswear runways. Taking on feminine shapes and abstracted prints, camo gets a vibrant reworking for women. See: camo print for women. (image: fashionising)
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NOW: Ladylike lace & choosing romance for spring

Never far from mind as being the epitome of femininity, delicate lace has yet grown even more popular for spring. From skirts to jumpsuits, accents to accessories, here’s how to wear lace for spring / summer 2013. read more: here 

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Spring 2014 Color Trends:

spring 2014 color trends

For summer 2014 fashion season we’re dipping into color’s ’that take on earthy, sun-baked hues, cool yet calm blues, and boldly clashing each other like a kaleidoscope. 

1. Sensual: Hot Summer

ss14 color trends

These textiles are/should be slinky and sophisticated. The color palette compliments fabrics that light-reflecting stains jacquard, rich jerseys and open weave knits.

2. Serene: The Blues

ss14 color trends

Contrasting the passion of the ‘sensual’ theme is a palette of serene blues. Clear open skies and calm seas signify freshness and the simplicity of nature. Spurred on by a longing for handmade authenticity, indigo dying and traditional denim return to the spotlight.

3. Colourquake: This Meets That

ss14 color trends

Think clashes, contrasts, cut + paste craziness… this palette is all about a wild mix of colors and textures. In other words it’s a clash between hard-core technical attitude and natural materials, featuring all kinds of embellishments and elaborations.

4. Oasis: Pop Up Lushness

ss14 color trends

All things sun-baked and natural find their place in clay red and jungle greens. Parched earth and radiant leaves are reflected in rough surfaces and visible grain in fabric weaves, making for deliberately worn and adventured garments and accessories. Prints are “more of textures than of patterns”.

5. Diaphanous: Precious Opaque

ss14 color trends

Gemstones and minerals set off a sartorial alchemy in this palette of opaque pastel tones. Less the sugar sweet pastels of summer past, these are modern tones that take shape in layers of transparent fabrics, in openwork jersey and lightweight, airy smoothness. (image: fashionising)

Happy 2nd Birthday What-do-I-wear!

How to: BCBG Max Azria’s Messy bed-head hairstyle

  1. Part your hair in the center with a slight zigzag for a casual feel. This adds to the messiness of the whole hairstyle.
  2. Use a thickening spray to prep the hair and the using a flat brush, blow dry the hair to create a full looking hair.
  3. Once you are done blow drying the hair, add a styling wax on specific pieces of hair and sprinkle it with hair powder to get the messy bed head texture.
  4. Split the hair into sections and set it using pin curls. Let it set for 30 minutes before you loosen up the pins and let the hair fall loose around the face. (image: fashionising)
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The Best of Basics: 

1. PANTS -  Leather & denim are a must! Check out these from Topshop. and denim, black and blue. Cheap Monday
2. BASIC T-SHIRTS - black, grey and white are essential. These two comes from Monki. T by Alexander Wang also makes great ones. 
3. COATS AND JACKETS - All you really need is a nice little coat/blazer and a perfect leather jacket. I love this coat/blazer from Mango, the dark leather jacket from Topshop. Check out this one for inspiration.
4. KNITWEAR -  Wear it slightly loos and tucked in to a black pair of denim. And don’t forget to belt up! The white knit above is from Monki. 
5. BAGS - It’s worth to invest in the accessories, the bags.that leopard tote from Alexander Wang. Leopard… not so basic one might think but this one will be very usable with the basics, pop up things a bit. 
6. JEWELRY - Accessorize simple. A black belt goes with anything. Keep it plain like this one. These golden rings that come in a whole bunch are nice (they also come in silver). 
7. OK, SHOES - I guess one can never have too many, right? For essentials a pair of walkable ankle boots are a must. Then a pair of suede boots would look real nice to the denim and knit! I say go for both! 
8. THE SHIRT -  Tucked in or out and to layer or a nice denim button up. I love these two, the white from Monki and the patched denim one from J Brand. (image: carolinesmode)

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How to: 60’s Rock-Chic Makeup

mod rock chic makeup

1. Face: 

a) As with any beauty look, it is important that you start with a priming routine to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. The best way to do this is by using a makeup primer that has moisturizing and SPF capabilities. Apply it all over your face right after washing it and patting it dry.

b) Choose a foundation that is the same with your skin tone and apply it evenly on your face for a flawless look. Don’t overdo it because you want your face to be natural looking. You can also use a concealer if necessary.

2. Contour

For well-defined and strong looking cheekbones, take a bronzer and apply it just below your jawline using a good powder/blush brush. Make sure you blend it well for a natural looking contour.

3. Eyes

a) This look features very strong feline like eyes and to get this, the first thing you need to be armed with is gel eyeliner. Using an eyeliner brush, apply eyeliner on your lash line starting from the corner or your eye and gradually getting thicker as you reach the outer corners.

b) Take the eyeliner and starting about two centimeters from the inner corner of your eye, move upwards as if you are tracing your eye socket. Continue this line as you move downward towards the outer corner of your eye where you will connect the two lines you made.

c) Take a round eye shadow blending brush and then lightly smudge the eyeliner for a smoldering effect.

d) To complete your vintage rock eye makeup, curl your lashes and put on some additional false ones. Apply lots of mascara to add volume to your lashes; two or three coats will suffice.

4. Lips

Having really strong eyes means that you don’t really need a strong lip color  All you need is a good beige colored lipstick and you’re all set. (image: fashionising)