8 Wardrobe classics to keep forever…

1. The White Shirt. Forever has the ability to look dressed up (with a suit) and the craziest pair of heels or super casual with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. A white button down shirt is a necessity in anyone’s wardrobe. 

Splurge. From Rika

Steal. H&M men’s department

2. The Cashmere Sweater. It’s soft, do I really need to say more? for those comfy days, or worn super clean with a trouser, simple denim and even those leather moto’s you have. 

Splurge. From Whistles 

Steal. Zara

3. The Fitted Jeans. Oh jeans, what would I do without you? This is probably the one thing I have most of in my wardrobe, though all we really need is the perfect pair of fitted denim and a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Splurge. From Acne Studios

Steal. Topshop the Baxter fit (Emmanuelle Alt wears these too!).

4. The Skirt. In whatever shape fits your figure and/or style best. In my case that’s an A-line skirt that ends right below my knees, preferably in leather.

Splurge. From Whistles, or Chloe skirt from Rika

Steal. COS they do good skirts. They come in all sorts of styles and lengths and (mostly) in high quality fabrics. 

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The 5 piece wardrobe rule per season: I already tried it once and failed quite badly, but I am going to have another shot at only buying five pieces per season once again. (image: afterdrk)

The rules are simple:
- Only five new pieces per season are allowed
- Basics don’t count
- Accessories do not either

- Designer bags and shoes do 

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Sorry I’m a little late on this, but it was only just brought to my attention by a viewer. Thank you Diana for the amazing mention, I truly appreciate it!

Check out the rest of the article here:The 8 Best Fashion Tumblrs

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How to wear all white this s/s:

This spring, all white outfits are being envisioned as statements of flawless style and impeccable taste. 

1. The feminine side of white: Needless to point out that lace complements the all white attitude for s/s like no other fabric. Think in terms of clean lines, ultra-feminine silhouettes and delicate lace for a full-on ladylike statement. 


2. All-white androgyny statements: Subtle feminine quality think of the all-white tailored outfits as a perfect mix of both influences. Seek for minimal-chic silhouettes, topped with daring cut-outs or bold appliques.


3. Tough whites: Build your outfits upon slightly over-sized pants, boxy silhouettes and high heels. Seek for bomber and leather jackets and layer them on top of sheer or transparent blouses for maximum contrast.


4. Full-on transparency: Embrace the transparent side of fashion by rocking all-white see-through ensembles this season. Showcase just the amount of skin you are comfortable with and balance or complement your look accordingly. 


5. Complementary white with the trends: 

White can also be enhanced with the help of other complementary colors and fashion trends. In terms of mixing shades, regardless of your personal choice, make sure the other pick of color is used rather as an accent, with the solemnly purpose of amplifying the white manifesto. This season choose black for a classic combination, delicate pastels for a subtle highlight or vivid orange for a fashionable contradiction.

When talking trends, aside from the already mentioned ones, perfect your white looks with the smart use of clear plastic accessories, metallic elements or choose exquisite embellishments to draw more attention to your monochrome outfits (image: fashionising)

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NOW: Ladylike lace & choosing romance for spring

Never far from mind as being the epitome of femininity, delicate lace has yet grown even more popular for spring. From skirts to jumpsuits, accents to accessories, here’s how to wear lace for spring / summer 2013. read more: here 

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Happy 2nd Birthday What-do-I-wear!

Questions: Skin and Beauty Products

  1. In the morning I always either shower or wash my face with warm water and let it air dry. Then I apply Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer - this product is amazing and has salicylic acid in it which helps repair uneven coloring and blemishes before they happen. Then I apply my makeup (please see next answer) I will follow a similar routine before bed as well… I always take my makeup off with Non Scented baby wipes, and then rinse warm water over my face.
  2. I apply my light powder by Cover Girl, followed this I will add concealer/neutralizer stick by Cover Girl if needed - areas I like to use it on are under my eyes, around my nose, and occasional my chin. I add a soft blush tone to my cheek bones, this product is also by Cover Girl. I use Lash Blast Length mascara by Cover Girl as well. I’ve been told by a few Estheticians that using all the same products from one company/brand will also help your skin stay on a consistent routine. 
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Summer Layering Tips:

As we enter spring/summer 2012, a new silhouette is discovered that permits you to layer clothes during the summer months. Lighter fabrics and fresher palettes come around with an obvious touch of summer sensuality.

When layering for summer, the key is to drape fabrics on the body whilst leaving scope for an unpresumptuous skin show, as opposed to how layering is done for the winter months where even the ears aren’t spared. The silhouette is A-lined, vertical and fluid, all owing to the fabric enveloping the body.

Layering a skirt over sheer:

For you to adapt this version in your new wardrobe, ensure that the fabric underneath is either organza or crisp georgette. The inner layer can’t be flimsy and soft, or it wouldn’t give the shape you require to compliment this look.

Layering a skirt over shorts:

Where hot pants are teamed with an A-line cape skirt. This serious front-on leg reveal is another way to experiment with this layered clothing trend. Adjust the sensuality levels with buttons to show more or less of the shorts underneath.

One-toned colour:

Take the path of minimalism and pick an all-white layered outfit; whether that’s a sheer overlay on a shift dress or a silk chemise under a lacy shirt-dress. It’s sexy, vulnerable and there’s so much to choose from.  The appliqué and lacy fabric layering in soft hues of cream strangely spark a boyish charm for this array of layering. (image:fashionising)

nail colors for spring? <3

Metallics, Pastels, Glitter, and Neons.

  • Silver/Gold
  • Soft Pinks, Baby Blue, Lavender, Peach, and Sea Foam
  • Silver, Gold, and Rainbow Misc sparkles
  • Lime Green, Electric Blue, Bright Pink

do you know where i could get a black flowy skirt that is long in the back and short in the front?


Here are a wide range of mullet cut or waterfall skirts all in black, they’re offered in a range of fabrics, lengths and patterns:

If you had to choose,what would be your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

That is a difficult questions, I’m not very good at picking favorites! I can tell you a few of my favorite piece from each category:

  • Top: Sheer Pin’s & Needles top with a peter pan jewelled peter pan collar
  • Jacket: Vintage soft tan leather jacket, or my long haired fur black jacket
  • Dress: My minimalist creme lace Yumi dress 
  • Cardigan: Anthropologie shoe printed cardigan 
  • Pullover: Oversized grey knit by Lemonade
  • Blazer: My soft grey silk mullet cut blazer from the Gap
  • Pants: High-waisted black Acne jeans
  • Shorts: Teal and white polka dot silk shorts by Tracy Reese 
  • Skirt: My sequined wool skirt by Moulinette Soeurs 
  • Shoes: Black ‘chelsea’ boots from Mango
  • Necklace: My bird skull necklace
  • Ring: Inner message ring by Yoon Jung Yun
  • Bracelet: Silver twig by Gorjana
  • Bag: Black leather tote, or my Boyfriend bag by Rebecca Minkfoff  

I know it’s much more then one, although I don’t think I could ever pick just one item to be my favorite. xx

You are SO beautiful <3 I love your blog, and you have great fashion tips. How do you work with what you have? I LOVE fashion but I dont have the money to but expensive clothing all the time. What should i do?

Thank you, that is very kind of you to say and I truly appreciate your kind words! I always keep my eye open for great basic, I think there is nothing more important in a women’s wardrobe. Crisp t’shirt that are a casual fit with basic stitching, well fitting clean jeans, trousers, a knit, blazer etc. and the lovely thing is that those are all items that are always going to be affordable.

You can get great basic t’shirts from anywhere, in white, grey, black - which cover your necessities. The best part, or the most fascinating part about fashion is that the people who dress the best are not wearing designers from head-to-toe. The best dressed in my opinion are those who wear classics, mixed with vintage, and subtle piece of designers or even there own DIY creations. You can wear everything thrifted and have your entire outfit cost no more then $20 and look better then someone who is wearing all designer with know understanding on how it should be put together. 

I tend to wear classics, items that I can afford. Each season or now and then I will save and splurg on a few expensive piece, but you really don’t need to in order to dress well, besides fashion changes from viewer to the next - a lot of the time people don’t know designer from box store.


5 Steps for an Organised Wardrobe:

(my personal wardrobe: what-do-i-wear)

1. Clean up

Unless your wardrobe resides in the Get Smart corridor it is not impervious to dust. Built-in and walk-in robes are the worst offenders. Take everything on a flat surface out, vacuum, then get slightly disgusted at how you lived with it for so long before doing so.

2. Sort out

Before you put everything back think about where it’s going to go. Style, colour, foldability… it doesn’t matter how you categorise it, but make a home for every item instead of shoving it into the nearest gap. As a general rule knitwear should be folded, shirts buttoned, jackets on sturdy hangers and socks paired. Storing things properly means they’ll wear better, for longer, with less ironing. Everything in the wardrobe should be clean & ready to go – anything that needs handwashing, dry-cleaning or mending should be put in an interim spot, somewhere out of the way but not so hidden that you forget about it! 

3. Fill gaps

Finding out exactly what is in your wardrobe also means finding out exactly what isn’t. It’s easy to forgo basic pieces in favour of the bold & bright, but a few smart staples can open up a whole new realm of outfit options. Think about what will bring out the harder-to-wear pieces in your wardrobe and take note every time you think ‘if only I had…’ (within reason, of course! The aim is for a functioning curated wardrobe)

4. Invest

Now is the time to decide if this is the year to invest in a new coat, or if your go-to boots are looking more worn out than worn in. As we all know, waiting until you need to buy them will end up in a mad rush to the nearest department store and something you’ll recoil at in six months, so keep these staple pieces in mind when vaguely trawling online stores or wandering past that shop on your lunch break. Buy the best quality you can afford, and no excuses for ill-fitting polyester if you’re on a budget – earmark off-season pieces on international webstores and check back as they go on sale, just in time for your change in temperature.

5. Maintain

Coats and jackets are notoriously difficult to fit off the rack, and even the most sculpted figure will benefit from a personalised tweak to a sleeve or waistline. A good cobbler/seamstress will work miracles to a certain degree, but they’ll look more favourably upon you if you get those leather soled shoes Topy’d before they’ve worn thin. (via: fashionising)