Essentials for a Miranda Kerr inspired wardrobe?


For a Miranda Kerr inspired wardrobe I would recommend some of these key essentials:

  • Cropped denim jacket
  • Fitted black maxi dress
  • T-back flat sandals
  • Rayban wayfarer sunglasses
  • Long grey cotton scarf
  • Oversized blazers (light grey, chestnut pink, black and white)
  • Skinny jeans (natural denim, black, grey and white)
  • Basic t’shirt
  • Studded ballet flats
  • Black suede ankle boots with a heel
  • White blouses (collared and button up)
  • Flat ‘chelsea’ boots
  • Black tights
  • Rounded fedora
  • Oversized leather tote
  • Fitted navy pullover
  • B&W long sleeved strip top
  • Fringe over the shoulder bag 
  • Snake patterned silk mini skirt 
  • Cropped tan leather jacket
  • Bodycon dresses
  • Floral maxi skirt
Miranda’s style is full of personal touches such as leather over the shoulder vintage bags, patterned scarves, etc. and stunning classic pieces. She picks plain/understated designer items, which display and effortless chic. Hope this helps, xx

Hey :) What would you recommend for a Blair Waldorf inspired look?


For a Blair Waldorf wardrobe I would recommend these essentials:

  • Wool peacoats (plain and patterned)
  • Pencil skirts
  • Fitted min skirts
  • Patterned tights
  • Ballet flats with a bow
  • Button ups
  • A variety of chunky head bands
  • Blouses, with a collar as well
  • Fitted trouser pants
  • Tailored blazers
  • Chunky statement piece necklaces
  • Metallic heels
  • Bodycon dresses (plain and patterned)
  • Oversized statement bags
  • Knee length patterned dresses
  • Basic heels in a variety of colors
Hope this helps, xx
  can you give me some of Candice Accola and Kat Graham’s wardrobe essentials?
Here are a few essential pieces for a Candice Accola/ Kat Graham wardrobe:
  • Sheer high collared blouses
  • Leather pencil skirt
  • Black tights
  • Black wedge suede boots
  • Distressed black denim shorts
  • Leopard printed top
  • Leather biker jacket
  • Stripped button up skirts
  • Skinny jeans
  • Converse sneakers
  • Fitted bodycon dress


  • Harem pants
  • Bustier tops
  • Thigh high leather boots
  • Bodycon dresses
  • T-back heels
  • High top sneakers
  • Full jumpsuit
  • Black fitted mini skirt
  • Cropped floral top
  • Studded over the shoulder statement bag
  • Leopard printed long sleeve dress
  • Black boyfriend styled trousers
  • Tailored blazer

Hope this helps, xx

Hi (: First of all, I wanted to say that ever since I found your blog, I have fell in love with it. We all appreciate the time and effort you take into making this into a quality blog and i love your sense of style. Second I had a question about winter clothing. I'm going to Paris for winter break and since I live in CA, I don't have too many things already. I looked at your essentials for winter but do you have any other tips and advice? Thank you!


Thank you, this is very kind of you to say and I greatly appreciate it! Here are a few extra items on top of the f/w essential list that I would include for f/w wear in Pairs:

  • Knit slouchy beanies
  • Thigh length fur coat (white, black, tan or leopard print)
  • Cable knit tights
  • Leather tote
  • Riding boots
  • Wool fitted pencil skirt
  • Fitted blazer
  • Ankle boots with a heel
  • Knitted circle scarves
  • Slouchy leather clutch 
  • Skinny jeans (grey, and black)
  • Fur stole 
  • B&W stripped long sleeved top
  • Knit dress
  • Wool peacoat
Hope this helps, and enjoy your trip! xx

Essentials for an Elin Kling inspired wardrobe?


Here are a few essential items that I would suggest for a Elin Kling influenced wardrobe: 

  • Cropped leather biker jacket
  • Leather skinny’s 
  • Black pumps
  • Basic t’shirts (white, black, grey)
  • Skinny jeans (black, grey, white, navy)
  • Wool peacoat with leather sleeves
  • Black tights
  • High-waisted wool skirt
  • Chanel quilted leather bag
  • Red leather pants
  • 'Chelsea' boots
  • Twill/tweed trouser
  • Basic tank tops (white, grey and black)
  • Leather ballet flats
  • Leather pencil skirt
  • White trousers
  • Black long sleeved turtle neck
  • Fur stole
  • Felt rounded hat
  • Oversized paid flannel button up 
  • Denim button up
  • B&W striped long sleeved shirt
  • Leather shorts
  • Oversized blazers (chestnut pink, black, grey)
  • Peep-toe ankle heel boots
  • Black leather tote
  • Suede fringe boots
  • Kitten heels
  • Converse sneakers
  • Leopard printed clutch 
  • Denim distressed shorts
  • Oversized knit sweaters
Hope this helps, xx

what would you suggest for a taylor momsen styled wardrobe? I really love her clothes! Also when you post this would you mind messageing me so I can see it? Thankyou so much! By the way this was a great idea for a blog


For a Taylor Momsen ispired wardrobe I would suggest:

  • A cropped leather biker jacket
  • Fitted mini skirts
  • Fishnet tights
  • Leather ankle heel boots
  • Silk shorts
  • Thigh/knee high stockings
  • Sheer shirts/tank tops
  • Leather vest
  • Black knit cardigan 
  • Leather leggings
  • Combat boots
  • Sequined mini skirt 
  • Leather fitted body-con dress
  • Floral tights
  • Rosary necklace 
  • Oversized vintage band t’shirt
  • Leather collar
  • Crochet black mini dress
  • B&W striped crop jacket
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Corset top (soft pink, red and black)
Hope this helps, xx

what essentials do you recommend for a jessica stam inspired wardrobe?


Here are a few essential items for a Jessica Stam wardrobe:

  • Cropped leather biker jacket
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Leather ballet flats
  • Vintage band t’shirts
  • Button up plaid flannels
  • Heeled ankle boots
  • Thigh length peacoat
  • Sheer blouses
  • Button up shirts
  • Patterned shorts
  • Fitted mid length skirt
  • Patterned silk tops
  • Cropped knit sweaters
  • Black leather bucket bag
  • Patterned trouser pants (strips, floral, etc.)
  • Chiffon skull scarf
  • Leather satchel bag
  • Black opaque tights
  • T-back heels 
  • Mullet cut blazer
  • White maxi dress
  • Short statement piece necklace
  • Patterned frocks
  • Peace sign t’shirt
Hope this helps, xx

What would be on a Rachel Zoe essential list? I'm thinking things like: sequined tops, floppy hats, round sunglasses, and fur vests? Thanks!


Here are a few essential pieces that I would recommend for a Rachel Zoe styled wardrobe:

  • Black maxi dress
  • Cropped white fur jacket
  • Leopard printed long-sleeved dress
  • Cropped black fur shawl
  • Black opaque tights
  • Black suede heels
  • Flowy patterned 3/4 sleeved maxi dress 
  • Oversized patterned blouses 
  • Boot cut denim pants
  • One shoulder maxi dress
  • Patterned frocks
  • Shearling aviator jacket
  • Oversized black tote bag
  • Black knit beanie
  • Long silver necklaces
  • Black envelope clutch 
  • Rounded half-tint sunglasses
  • Sequined dress
  • Rounded brim floppy hat
  • Oversized diamond looking earrings 
  • Black fitted suede vest
  • Oversized v’neck shirts
  • Fur vest 
  • Silk tops
  • Black suede heeled over the knee boots
  • Patterned scarves
  • Cropped leather jacket
Hope this helps, xx

Essentials for a Stevie Nicks inspired wardrobe? I've been wanting to perfect a goth chic look but I'm not sure where to start and Stevie seems to have it down.


Here are a few items that I would recommend for the wonderful Stevie Nicks that I would recommend:

  • Half tint aviator sunglasses
  • Long sheer flowy Kimono’s 
  • Fitted black spaghetti strap maxi dress
  • Unique vintage statement rings
  • Black sheer tights
  • Sheer shawls (plain and patterned)
  • Knee high heeled boots
  • Leather pants
  • Long sheer maxi dressed (plain and patterned)
  • Fringe/tassel vest
  • Sheer oversized blouses with ruffles
  • Calf high boots in lace
  • Across the shoulder bag with fringe 
  • Cashmere beanie with a bow
  • Patterned chiffon scarves
  • Long sleeved sheer lace dress
  • Lace/fringe shawl
  • Suede heel boots
  • Ivory cropped fur jacket
  • Patterned mini skirt
  • T-back heels
  • Sheer button up blouse
Her stunning outfits consist of flowy items in a variety of lace, fringe and sheer garments. She is a true master of clashing patterns and wearing numerous layers!  Hope this helps, xx

elle fannings wardrobe?


Here are a few basic essentials for an Elle Fanning styled wardrobe:

  • Plaid fitted shirts
  • Patterned frocks
  • Doc Martens
  • Knee high stockings
  • Nude kitten heels
  • Lace up ankle boots
  • Knee length skirts (plain/patterned)
  • White blouses (short sleeved and long)
  • Leather riding boots
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Sheer ankle stockings
  • Patterned flannel scarves
  • Oxford lace ups
  • Olive green blazer
  • LBD
  • Heels with a bow
  • Flowy sheer tank tops
  • Floral patterned jacket
  • Fitted cardigans
  • Basic fitted t’shirts
  • Grey boyfriend cut trousers
  • Cotton maxi skirt
Hope this helps, xx

Clemence Poesy wardrobe?? x


Here are a few essential items that I would recommend for a Clemence Posey inspired wardrobe:

  • Rounded fedora
  • Skinny jeans (natural denim, black, grey and red wine)
  • Olive green cargo jacket
  • Brown suede ankle boots
  • Tan leather across the body bad
  • Black oversized blazer
  • T-back leather sandals
  • Basic t’shirts (black, white and grey)
  • Sheer button up blouse
  • Black wide leg trouser pants
  • Chanel quilted bag
  • Cat eye sunglasses
  • Oversized knit cardigans
  • Black kitten heels
  • Chiffon patterned scarves
  • LBD
  • Knee length dress (plain and patterned)
  • I love NY t’shirt
  • Chiffon knee length skirt
  • Light blue button up 
  • Royal blue fitted blazer
  • Gold sequined blazer
  • Black ‘chelsea’ boots
  • Patterned knee length skirts
  • B&W long sleeved stripped top
  • Maxi skirt
  • Vintage band t’shirts
  • Black cape
  • Feminine trench coat
    An effortless parisian style, that consists of wearing simple basics with mastering the art of layering. Hope this helps, xx

    hey! you are so amazing! i was wondering if you could do a how to dress like shenae grimes :-) thanks! :-)


    For a Shenae Grimes inspired closet I would recommend these essential items:

    • Denim vest
    • Boyfriend styled plaid flannel shirt
    • Basic sheer t’shirts (white, grey & black)
    • Black skinny jeans
    • Knit leggings in grey
    • Knit knee high socks
    • Lace up combat boots
    • Oversized black statement bag
    • Skinny jeans
    • Vintage graphic t’shirts
    • Red knit circle scarf
    • Black blazer
    • Mid length navy peacoat
    • 3/4 distressed denim pants (boyfriend cut)
    • Long/oversized knit cardigans (mustard, grey, creme and red)
    • High-waisted distressed denim shorts
    • Gladiator sandals
    • Black harem styled trousers
    • Long statement piece necklace
    • Nude heels
    • Sheer lace bodysuit
    • Leopard print jacket, and skirt
    • Leather cropped biker style jacket
    • Black ankle heel boots
    • Sequined blazer
    • Leather bucket bag

    Shenae pair’s new items with vintage finds, luxe fabrics with chunky knits - a great way to mimic this style is to layer multiple items in a variety of textures, while maintaining your silhouette.  Hope this helps, xx

    Hi! I love your blog! Your knowledge of all these style icons and celebs is really impressive. So, one of my favorite actresses is Emma Roberts. Can you list some fall/winter clothes that are inspired are by her style? Thank you :)


    Here are a few essential pieces that Emma Roberts wears and that can also be worn throughout f/w:

    • Cropped white fur coat
    • Patterned frock
    • Long sleeved bodycon dress
    • Black peep toe heels
    • Silk tank top
    • Leather skinny’s
    • Distressed denim shorts
    • Knee high stockings
    • Basic long sleeved tops
    • Statement leather tan bag
    • Aviator sunglasses
    • Denim skirt
    • Leather vest
    • Basic t’shirts
    • Wedge lace up boots
    • Black patent ballet flats 
    • Skinny jeans
    • knit beanie
    • Navy and creme striped top
    • Blazer
    • Chiffon button up dresses 
    • Cotton maxi skirts

    Hope this helps, xx

    what are some of the kardashians' essentials? i love all their styles :) thanks girl!


    Here are a few essential items to obtaining for a basic Kardashian wardrobe:

    • Sheer blouses (plain and patterned)
    • Black skinny’s
    • Leather leggings
    • Heeled ankle boots
    • Cropped tailored blazers
    • Oversized statement bags
    • Nude heels
    • Basic fitted t’shirts (white, grey and black)
    • Quilted Chanel bag
    • Knee length black billowed skirt
    • Leopard printed clutch 
    • Peep toe black heels
    • Cropped shearling jacket
    • Black knit scarf
    • Statement piece necklace
    • Knee high black leather boots with a heel
    • Bodycon dresses (plain and patterned)
    • Fitted mini skirts
    • Light pink silk blazer
    • Denim shorts
    • Cropped leather vest
    • Distressed denim skinny jeans

    The Kardashians style is a true reflection of L.A constantly changing and unpredictable. Mainly Kim wear black leggings with towering heels a fitted t’shirt with a blazer and chunky chiffon scarf, paired up with a oversized statement bag! Kourtney wears mainly knee length patterned dress with a belt around her waist, blazer and heels. Khloe fluctuates her style the most ranging from bohemian to preppy and bag to a hippy vibe. Although they can all be spotted wear these items listed below all the time. Hope this helps, xx

    can you recommend some pieces for an Emmanuale Alt and menswear inspired wardrobe? thank you!


    Here are a few key essentials for a Emmanuelle Alt wardrobe: 

    • Tailored black blazer with silk detail
    • Basic t’shirts
    • Leather skinny’s
    • Suede black kitten heel with a bow on the side
    • Biker cropped leather coat
    • B&W striped top
    • Black skinny jeans
    • Heel ankle boots
    • Denim skirt
    • Black tights
    • Chiffon leopard print scarf
    • Military inspired cropped jackets
    • Moss green chinos
    • Leather waist welts
    • Ankle lace up boot
    • White oversized blazer
    • Skull shirt
    • Open toe strap heel
    • Knee high fitted boots with a heel
    • Long fur coat
    • Fitted flannels
    • Black harem pants
    • Palazzo denim pants 
    • Leather clutch 
    • Cheetah printed coat
    • Cropped tweed gentle women’s coat

    Emmanuelle’s style is always constructed with a dark pallet and fitted silhouettes. A urbanized grunge look that comes effortlessly. Hope this helps, xx